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Horses have a common enemy that’s a real pain in the neck – flies! These pesky insects can cause a range of problems for our equine friends, from irritating bites to serious health issues. But fear not, there are ways to keep your horse protected. Regular cleaning, fly traps and sprays, and protective gear like masks and sheets can all help. And if you’re into natural remedies, essential oils, garlic, and apple cider vinegar can do the trick too. So let’s fight those flies and keep our horses happy and healthy!

The Fight Against the Horse’s Worst Enemy: The Fly

As a horse enthusiast, you know that horses have many enemies, but one of the worst is the fly. These pesky insects can cause a lot of trouble for horses, from annoying bites to serious health problems. Fortunately, there are ways to fight back against the fly and keep your horse healthy and happy.

The Dangers of Flies for Horses

Flies are not just annoying for horses; they can also be dangerous. Flies can transmit diseases such as equine infectious anemia, which can be fatal. They can also cause painful bites and sores, which can lead to infections. In addition, flies can cause stress for horses, which can lead to behavioral problems and decreased performance.

Preventing Fly Infestations

The best way to fight against flies is to prevent them from infesting your horse’s environment in the first place. This means keeping your horse’s stall and pasture clean and dry, removing manure regularly, and using fly traps and sprays. You can also use fans to keep the air moving and discourage flies from settling.

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Protecting Your Horse

Even with preventative measures, flies can still be a problem for horses. That’s why it’s important to protect your horse from bites and infections. Fly masks and sheets can provide a barrier between your horse and the flies, while fly sprays and ointments can repel them. You can also use fly predators, which are tiny insects that feed on fly larvae and prevent them from hatching.

Natural Remedies

If you prefer to use natural remedies, there are many options available. Essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus can be mixed with water and sprayed on your horse to repel flies. Garlic and apple cider vinegar can also be added to your horse’s feed to make their blood less appealing to flies. However, it’s important to remember that natural remedies may not be as effective as chemical sprays and should be used in conjunction with other preventative measures.


The fight against the horse’s worst enemy, the fly, requires a multi-faceted approach. By keeping your horse’s environment clean and dry, using preventative measures such as fly traps and sprays, and protecting your horse with fly masks and sheets, you can minimize the impact of flies on your horse’s health and performance. Natural remedies can also be effective, but should be used in conjunction with other methods. With the right tools and strategies, you can keep your horse happy, healthy, and fly-free.

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