What do horses hate to do?

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Horses are sensitive creatures that can easily be spooked by sudden movements, which can be perceived as aggression. Tightening the cinch or girth too quickly can be uncomfortable or even painful for the horse, causing them to flinch or buck. It’s important to handle horses gently and patiently, tightening the cinch or girth gradually. By understanding their needs and behaviors, horse lovers can build strong, trusting relationships with their equine friends. So, let’s be kind to our four-legged friends and avoid any unnecessary movements that may cause them harm.

What Horses Hate: Humans Making Sudden, Unnecessary Movements

As a horse enthusiast with over 20 years of experience, I can tell you that horses are sensitive creatures. They can pick up on our emotions and body language, and they can be easily spooked by sudden movements. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of how we interact with our equine friends.

One thing that horses really hate is when humans make sudden, unnecessary movements. These movements can be perceived as aggression on the part of the human, and they can cause the horse to become fearful or even lash out in self-defense.

For example, chasing a horse with a plastic bag tied to a whip might seem like harmless fun to a human, but to a horse, it can be terrifying. The rustling of the bag and the sound of the whip can trigger the horse’s flight response, causing them to bolt or rear up in an attempt to escape.

Similarly, sudden movements like waving your arms or jumping up and down can also startle a horse. It’s important to remember that horses are prey animals, and they are hardwired to be on the lookout for potential threats. Sudden movements can trigger their survival instincts, even if there is no real danger present.

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What Horses Hate: Humans Cranking Their Cinch/Girth Tight All at Once

Another thing that horses really hate is when humans crank their cinch or girth tight all at once. This can be uncomfortable or even painful for the horse, especially if they have a sensitive belly.

Think about it: if someone suddenly tightened a belt around your waist as tight as they could, you would probably feel pretty uncomfortable, right? The same goes for horses. When we tighten their cinch or girth too quickly, it can cause them to flinch or even buck in response.

To avoid this, it’s important to tighten the cinch or girth gradually, in small increments. This gives the horse time to adjust to the pressure and prevents them from feeling like they’re being squeezed too tightly all at once.


In conclusion, horses are sensitive creatures that require gentle handling and patience. Making sudden, unnecessary movements or cranking their cinch/girth tight all at once can cause them to become fearful or uncomfortable, which can lead to dangerous situations for both horse and human.

As horse lovers, it’s our responsibility to treat these magnificent animals with respect and kindness. By being mindful of our actions and taking the time to understand their needs and behaviors, we can build strong, trusting relationships with our equine friends that will last a lifetime.

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