Welcome to Back in the Saddle! "BITS", is a non-profit to help horses
and horse owners in Northern California and beyond. We assist horses
in need and we also offer proactive programs and outreach to help
before the situations become desperate. 530 961 2487

Our proactive programs include  :
  • Rehabilitation, training and re-homing for horses in need
  • Low cost clinics and outreach to prevent overpopulation, neglect
    and suffering
  • Education for horse owners and public agencies

Why is a program like BITS needed?

*80% of first time horse owners get rid of their horse within 5 years.

*In just nine years (1997-05), The equine population in the United States has
expanded 33% from 6.9 million to 9.2 million horses,  while
the number of horse owners has risen from 1.9 million to 2.0 million, a
modest increase of only about 5%.

*Most neglect and abuse cases can be resolved through owner education.
Educational programs using existing resources should be developed and accessible
to all facets of society."— USDA
Letter of Determination
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2012 990
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2012 990
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We exist to make a difference in the lives of horse
owners and horses. Our purpose is to stimulate
interest in horse related activities and provide help
to horses and owners in need. We believe that
through our efforts we will strengthen the horse
community, provide relief for horses in need and
help revive the horse economy.
BITS wants you to ride your horse!
We at the BITS Project pledge to be a
charity you can feel proud to support!
Donations are tax deductible - EIN 27 0648738
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